A Creative Week in Project Wonder

This week in Project Wonder we changed seats. I am sitting with Wyatt, Caleb, and Jordan. I also did more work on my mythical creatures unit. Some of the ones we are researching are the Wendigo, Dragon, Chimera, Minotaur, and Hydra. I also completed a 4 C’s unit, the 4 C’s are critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity. We are doing a poster design as well, I am doing rule 2 of project wonder, which is: Respect your classroom – it might not be yours, but it’s ours. Next week I hope to finish a unit on Eras of History. 

I Sense This Was a Good Week

This week, we did journal entries on the five senses. I did editing on Disaster News including, making a new logo. I started a mythical creatures unit with James. I had a food project meeting, and we used the Project Wonder unit format to make a checklist. We came up with our goals and made ideas that went along with them. Our goals were and eco-friendly cafeteria, and an art wall

Week in Review-2\7\2020

This week we worked on a design challenge. I planned a map  with my table-mates where I created a new school. I built a cardboard playground and started working on a 3d school model online, and I have 4 classrooms done. I also completed my conference, where I chose my grade. I am working on a Vocabulary in Context unit, where I am working on level 2 (making connections). I created a quizlet, flashcards, answered the questions, and put definitions for the vocabulary. I did my CDT’s, or Classroom Diagnostic Test. It was uninteresting, but we all got mints, and got to read for a while. Next I plan to do an Author’s Purpose unit.

Weekly update- 1/31/20

We are doing a school redesign challenge, which I have a lot of ideas for, but I doubt they will really take them into account. I have also started new unit, vocabulary in context. I am on level 2 for that unit. I am reading Illuminae, an interesting action book that takes place in space. Riley and I’s site is doing very well. We have 8 people and a 9th being considered. We have a site, 4 maps, and almost 300 views. I am also taking suggestions for a creative reading list, which I hope to have finished, and read all the books by summer. I also did my conference with a learning coach. We decided on a 92% for my grade. I was also included in a child abuse skit, which will be presented to project wonder soon.

Week 2 review

We did a digital portfolio, or a slideshow to keep track of your unit’s. I did units on dispositions, effective speaking, evaluating source quality, and d and d. I did a slideshow for d and d, quizlet sets for effective speaking and evaluating source quality, and a pillow, slideshow and quizlet set for dispositions.

Last Week in Project Wonder

Last week we did a paper airplane competition. I built a flat-nosed paper airplane, and a pointy-nosed paper airplane. The pointy-nosed one went a mediocre distance, but the flat-nosed one went all the way across the cafeteria, and had great air time. When we finished the distance contest, we did the air-time contest. I think I should have won because mine stayed up the longest, but it landed next to a different one, so Mr. Beyer could not decide which one stayed up longer. We re-did the contest and someone else won. On Friday we did a Rube Goldberg device, which is a ridiculously complex device for a simple task. Ours was getting a roll of masking tape into a 1 ft wide goal. We started on top of a tall table. My group, Riley, Xavion, Chris, Dylan and Jake, built a ramp out of rulers, and rolled a roll of tape down it, into 2 giant legos, which hit a roll of tape on the edge of a ruler, which was taped halfway onto the table, halfway off. That roll of tape went down a twine zip-line, and stuck onto a can with a ruler taped halfway on halfway off. The tape went right onto the ruler which was smack in the middle of the 1 ft wide goal. Next week I plan to make a Rube Goldberg device at home.